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Meet Italy's Award-winning author Lia Levi in this interview with Paola Sergi.

Fifteen years old and All Grown Up? Rachael Beale takes us on an Orange Prize retrospective journey.

In Praise of New Zealand's Patricia Grace

Welcome to our fourth issue, and a further excursion into the wonderful world of literature! This time we feature an interview with Italy's celebrated Lia Levi, and we also introduce the works of Patricia Grace from New Zealand, Assia Djebar from Algeria, and two new authors, Maaza Mengiste and Nadifa Mohamed, from East Africa. Our very own Rachael Beale talks to some of the women behind the British Orange Prize in a retrospective piece. And just in case you don't have enough to read, we present 22 reviews of books by authors representing 17 different countries. Finally, we've included more than 60 original and distinctive titles from around the globe in the New and Notable section, for your browsing pleasure. We have thoroughly enjoyed producing this issue for you, and hope that you'll relish it!

Below is a small tantalizing selection of this month's reviews....
Book cover
Petra Hulová
Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker

Tread the harsh, dusty Mongolian steppe with this nomadic family as they tend to the livestock and collect argal (firewood) to keep warm...

Reviewed by Akeela Gaibie-Dawood
Book cover
Ana Gloria Moya
Translated from the Spanish by W. Nick Hill

Heaven of Drums is an ambitious little book which uses an interracial love triangle to build a narrative history of the independence of the author's native Argentina.

Reviewed by Andy Barnes
Book cover
Dolen Perkins-Valdez

To enter the world of Wench is to imagine oneself dying of thirst while surrounded by water, or starving while everyone else eats their fill. Using an unusual setting, Perkins-Valdez's debut novel illustrates the painful temptation that confronts a slave in a world where freedom hangs like forbidden fruit on every tree.

Reviewed by Kathleen Ambrogi
Book cover
Olga Tokarczuk
Translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones

In the heart of Poland lies the village of Primeval; according to Olga Tokarczuk, "Primeval is the place at the centre of the universe."

Reviewed by Jane A. Jones
Book cover
Angélica Gorodischer
Translated from the Spanish by Ursula K. Le Guin

Kalpa Imperial, the first book I have read by the eminent Argentine writer Angélica Gorodischer, is a fantasy—or, as the final story implies, perhaps a science fiction novel—set in an imagined empire with a lengthy history. But if the thought of another cookie-cutter epic fantasy fills you with dread...

Reviewed by Tim Jones

Telling Our Stories
Photo of Two Authors
Belinda Otas introduces us to East African debut authors Maaza Mengiste and Nadifa Mohamed.
Trio: Assia Djebar
Photo of Assia Djebar
Tad Deffler reviews three books by Algerian author Assia Djebar